James L. Tate Memorial Donation

In 2011, my father lost a long battle to prostate cancer. Like many families who have been affected, the battle was long with many ups, downs, and many false hopes. This disease affects millions of men and their families around the world. The Cancer.Org states that 1 man in 7 will be diagnosed with prostate cancer during his lifetime. My father's passing and this alarming statistic is one of the driving reasons why we want to support the cause and help find a cure. Many families and loved ones suffer the affects of cancer. 

This is why we started the James L. Tate Memorial Donation where a portion of every sale goes to the Prostate Cancer Care at Levine Cancer Institute in Charlotte North Carolina. The Carolina's Health Care System’s Levine Cancer Institute consist of a team of nationally renowned physicians. Using the latest technologies and a network of locations throughout North and South Carolina. A portion of every purchase made at Woodsman Grooming will go to further research and support the fight against prostate cancer. Together we can help and support other men and their families dealing with this disease. Our goal is to help every man put his best foot forward in every aspect of his life; style, grooming, and health! 

Learn more about the Prostate Cancer Care at Levine Cancer Institute and other resources HERE.