Our Story

Woodsman Grooming started as a hobby. In 2006, I decided to shave my head. Using the popular brands of shave care, I found that no matter what I used or how much, my skin was always dry. I have always had facial hair in some form or another. Since 2009, I have committed to a full beard. I went through the same process and tried to find some good beard care products. This is my journey.
Over the next few years, I have tried many different shaving and beard products hoping for some different results. During that time, I have gained tons of knowledge on various grooming aspects, mostly, what not to do. In my experience, there has been limited knowledge and advice for male grooming. Within this time, I have experienced dry skin, brittle facial hair, bumps, you name it.
Inspired by the women's movement to natural hair care, I decided to make a change. No longer would I waste countless dollars on the latest trends in after shave, soap, and beard oils. I would educate myself on the benefits of using natural ingredients as opposed to fancy chemical blends and fragrances. I spent the better part of a year just educating myself and learning about carrier oils, butters, and essential oils. The benefits of using natural and organic oils and butters are immeasurable.
I found that using natural and organic ingredients completely changed my skin and my beard. My skin began to become healthier and my beard became softer, cleaner, and easier to manage. I decided to create a team with similar interest, needs, and experiences. We wanted to share our findings with friends and family. With positive feed back and inspiration from my wife, it was decided to broaden our scope and help as many men as we could reach, thus the birth of Woodsman Grooming. We wanted to provide men with a healthy and natural alternative along with educating men on different grooming aspects. This has been our focus since the inception of Woodsman Grooming.
If you have a need for shaving products or maintaining a distinguished beard, our goal has always been to help men improve their grooming experience through education and supplying the best ingredients that nature has to offer.