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Over the years, our team has embarked on a journey to promote beard and skin health. During a 5 year period, we have conducted trials and did research. We have developed, tweaked and sometimes deleted formulas.  We have tested many different carrier oils, essential oils, butters, and waxes.  Through trial, error and just plain experience, we have created a line of natural grooming products that will provide the most benefit for your beard and skin.

Our goal is to provide education along with high quality products. Here is a list of ingredients that we use along with their benefits and properties. See our article on comedogenic properties.


Ingredient: [comedogenic factor: irritant factor]

i.e. Argan Oil: 0:0


Argan Oil: [0:0] 

Argan oil regulates the production of sebum that helps prevent breakouts. High vitamin E content helps with scars and helps skin tone. Shown to hydrate, soften and condition hair. It is also a skin moisturizer and is easily absorbed.

Uses: Beard Oil, Beard Butter


Hemp Seed Oil: [0:0-1]

Hemp Seed oil is rich in omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids that stimulate hair growth. High protein content strengthens hair. Skin moisturizer.

Uses: Beard Oil


Sunflower Seed Oil: [0:1]

Vitamin A, B, C and E to strengthen hair and promote hair growth. Natural skin and hair conditioner and moisturizer. Vitamin content makes Sunflower Seed oil a natural UV protection.

Uses: Beard Oil, Beard Butter, Pre-shave, After-shave



Safflower Seed Oil: [0:0]

Rich in Oleic acid which improves circulation and strengthens hair follicles. Excellent hair conditioner. Linoleic acid improves skin tone and helps prevent acne and redness.

Uses: Beard Oil, Beard Butter, After-shave, Shaving Cream



Grape Seed Oil: [1-2:1]

High in Vitamin E which is essential for hair growth. Ideal for moisturizing and conditioning hair.  Skin conditioner. Antioxidants help prevent acne and cleanse skin and hair.

Uses: Beard Oil, Beard Butter, After-shave, Shaving Cream



Shea Butter: [0:0]

High in vitamin A and E to strengthen, promote hair growth and repair hair damage.  Fatty acids moisturize and condition hair and skin.

Uses: Beard Butter, Shaving Cream, After-shave


Mango Butter: [0:1]

Elevated levels of fatty acids for intensive moisturizing and conditioning properties. Improves dry skin and promotes healthy hair.

Uses: Beard Butter, Shaving Cream, After-shave


Vegetable Glycerin: [0:1]

Derived from plant seeds, excellent skin and hair moisturizer. Protects against hair breakage. This is used as a cleanser and toner. Helps prevent scars, skin moisturizer, and helps prevent acne.

Uses: Pre-shave, After-shave, Soap


Castor Oil: [1:0]

Helps soften and moisturizes skin. Contains a compound called undercylenic acid that helps cleanse, disinfects and detoxifies skin. This improves skin tone and helps prevent acne

Uses: Pre-shave, After-shave, Soap


Aloe Vera: [0:1]

Derived from plants, contains Auxin and Gibberellins that helps heal wounds and reduce skin inflammation.  Anti-inflammatory properties and is also used to help prevent and treat acne, eczema and other skin problems. Skin moisturizing properties.

Uses: Pre-shave, After-shave, Soap


Witch Hazel: [1:0]

Milder and less harsh then rubbing alcohol. Natural astringent and helps heal bruises and blemishes. Tightens skin and promotes faster healing. Stops bleeding.

Uses: After-shave


Olive Oil: [2:0]

Skin moisturizer, helps improve skin health and anti-aging. Helps cleanse skin and heals blemishes.

Uses: Pre-shave, After-shave, Shaving Cream, Soap

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