Benefits of a Wooden Comb

Beard Care Education Tips

Why use a Wooden Beard Comb?

This is one of the most important tools in your arsenal.  If you have a full thick beard or if you are just starting your beard journey, a comb is essential to maintaining a beard.  With all the different comb options to choose from, what’s the difference and does it really matter?

Let’s look at some of the options to choose from.

Plastic Combs have become a staple in the cosmetic industry.  They are cheap, versatile, and very durable.  Plastic combs, however have some disadvantages. 

  • Plastic combs produce static electricity and it comes in contact with hair strands. Electrons’s then move from the hair stands to the come and lose negative charge.  This movement causes static electricity.  Static electricity caused your hair to become tangled and can lead to more breakage and even repel nourishing oils. The Oils will not be absorbed leaving a greasy residue behind while leaving the hair void of the oils benefits.
  • Plastic combs are manufactured with the use high heat. The heat can leave microscopic voids on the plastic teeth.  These voids can cause edges and these edges can get caught on hair and can cause more breakage and damage.

Metal Combs are a popular trend.  Metal combs are versatile, durable, and can be multi functional as key rings and bottle openers to name a few.  Metal combs will have similar affects to that of plastic combs 

  • If the metal is polished between the teeth, it will snag and cause breakage. If the beard is thin in some places, it can cause more damage and breakage. 
  • Metal is non porous and super hard causing the beard oil and natural oils to be wiped away from the hair.  This defeats the purpose of using beard oils and this will leave your beard dry.


Wooden Combs will give you the most benefits when trying to maintain a healthy beard.  Wood is very durable and versatile and can be constructed from various types of wood for different looks and functions.  Before the creation of synthetic material and before the wielding of metal, the earliest form of tools for cosmetic use was wood.

  • Untreated wood will not have any harsh chemicals that may come in contact with sensitive skin.
  • The smooth surface of wood will help gently detangle hair with less breakage. Even in the beginning stages of beard growth, it will help properly maintain your beard.  There is also a double benefit!  The smooth surface will gently message your beard and face with damage to the hair or skin.  Although, this may seem superficial, massaging the skin can help stimulate blood flow to the hair follicles and this will help promote beard growth!
  • Wood does not conduct electricity = static free. Along with the application of oil, using a wooden comb will help not cause breakage or cause ingrown hairs as the hair follicle will not be damaged.  It will also help to keep your beard from becoming brittle and dry.
  • Wood will help distribute the natural oil from your hair and also the application of beard oils. Oil is evenly distributed from follicle to tip.
  • An untreated wooden comb will (over time) absorb the beard oil giving it a natural, chemical free, rustic, warn finish coating.
  • Easy maintenance, simply wash with warm water and gentle soap.
  • Wooden combs helps improve and promote hair growth.
  • Reduces the dandruff.

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