How to maintain your beard this summer

Beard Care Education Tips

When the temperature rises, most men think that this is the time when the beard comes off.  Sometimes it’s the fear of a itchy beard. Some fear that having a beard means they won't be able to enjoy all that summer has offer (pools, sandy beaches, and sweating). Following these tips will help you keep an epic beard all summer long. 

Protect it

Your beard is a natural built in sunscreen for your face, but your beard needs protection also. Enjoying the summer means time well spent outside in the elements. Prolonged exposure to sunlight will dry out your beard and can dull its color, taking away from it’s luster.

Tip: A high quality beard butter that contains Shea butter is an excellent choice. Shea butter has an SPF of  4-6.   You can also use a spray on sunscreen to help protect your beard. Remember to clean your beard thoroughly with a beard soap or wash. Use a mild soap specifically designed for beards. Washing 2 to 3 times a week during the summer will keep bacteria, sweat, and the outside elements from destroying your beard. 

Keep it soft

Your facial hair is more course than the hair on the rest of your body.  This can lead to itchiness and irritation if not maintained. During the summer, your skin can become irritated due to prolonged exposure to sunlight. Using a quality beard oil and conditioner will remedy the problem.  In the summer months when the temperature rises and sweat occurs more often, washing your face is required more often.  

Tip: Use a beard oil and/or a beard conditioner after you wash. You can also use milder soaps that won’t dry out your beard. Conditioning and moisturizing your beard will pay huge dividends all summer. The exposure to sunlight will rob your beard of the the rich nutrients it needs.

Take care of the skin underneath

The skin underneath your beard is often overlooked. If not attended to, it will become dry and flaky, cause irritation that can lead to bump’s, beard itch, and dandruff.  During the hot summer months, it is likely that you sweat more that will lead to a build up of dirt and bacteria. Time spent in the pool, the heat from the grille, and the sand from the beach will expose your beard to dirt and bacteria and can cause damage to your beard, so more attention is needed to this overlooked area.

Tip: Exfoliate your face, cheeks, and neck using a medium bristle brush, loofah, or exfoliating sponge. This will remove dead skin cells from the skin underneath your beard. Exfoliating will also remove dirt and bacteria from hair follicles that may cause ingrown hairs, bumps, or irritation. You should exfoliate your beard no more than once a week. Exfoliating your beard frequently will lead to breakage. Remember to keep your skin moisturized and condition by using beard oil and or beard butter.

Stay hydrated

Often neglected regardless of what time of year it its. It is important to stay hydrated. If your spending more time outdoors, spend more time hydrating.

Tip: Aim to drink 6 to 8-ounce glasses of water eight times a day.  Staying hydrated will keep your skin healthy and prevent hair breakage.

 Feed It

A healthy beard requires nutrients. These nutrients are stripped from your beard when you are exposed to direct sunlight and the outside elements. Sweat build up will also dry out your beard.

Tip: Use a good beard conditioner that has fatty acids, vitamins, and other nutrients your beard needs. Our Beard Butter is a perfect leave in conditioner fill with these vitamins and nutrients. 


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