Water Is Your Lifeline

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Often over looked and dismissed, staying hydrated is essential to overall health. Water is required by every cell in your body and is vital to all body functions. This includes beard growth. A strand of hair is made up of 25% water. Hair follicles need nutrients and vitamins to produce hair. These nutrients are carried throughout the body by water. We often take being hydrated for granted by not drinking enough water. Here is why water is so crucial to your overall health.

Brain Function

Water makes up 70-75% of brain tissue. Studies show that dehydration alters the regulation of cerebral circulation. This increases oxidative stress and impacts cognitive functions. This is apparent when we see athletes suffer from dehydration, it is difficult for them to walk or continue running, their eyesight is impaired, and motor skills are diminished. Staying hydrated will not only help in cognitive functions, but will improve concentration, improve memory, reduce stress, and will also help in preventing and relieving headaches.


Body Functions

Drinking proper amounts of water will improve digestion. Water along with other liquids help break down food so that your body can absorbed the nutrients. Nutrients are absorbed by the intestines, and then circulated throughout the body in the form of blood. This also helps deliver oxygen and nutrients to the cells. Water also removes waste materials by filtering out waste through the kidneys. The waste is then discarded through urination. Water also regulates body temperature.


Muscles and Fat Loss

Muscle tissue are made up of 75% water. Water helps form the structures of protein and glycogen. When the body is dehydrated, the muscles are deprived of electrolytes resulting in cramps. As stated before, water helps deliver nutrients to cells, including the muscle cells.  These nutrients and oxygen are needed to repair muscles when they are stressed and damaged during workouts or activities. Water will also increase the body’s ability to metabolize stored fat. Drinking cold water will help burn calories because the body will expend energy, or calories, by heating the water for digestion.


Yes, Your Beard Too

Drinking proper amounts of water will not only help rid the body of toxins, but also rid the skin of toxins. Water delivers oxygen to cells, including skin cells. Skin cells are exposed to a harsh and dry environment. Water helps keep these skin cells healthy, and full of nutrients resulting in healthier and clearer skin. These same nutrients and vitamins are also carried to hair cells and hair follicles by water. A hair stand is made up of 25% water. Staying hydrated improves blood circulation that delivers vitamins and nutrients to hair follicles. This will help stimulate hair growth and strengthen existing hair.



Drink more water. The recommended daily intake of may vary, but a good rule of thumb is the 8 x 8 rule. This simply means drinking eight 8 oz glasses of water a day on average. This may vary depending on ambient temperature and activity levels. Don’t wait until you are thirsty, your body has a delayed reaction and you are already dehydrated. Drink water throughout the day, even when you are not thirsty. You will start to see an overall improvement in your overall health, skin, and in your beard.



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