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This spring will be a little different.  Wearing a mask and all the pollen that comes with spring will cause you to adjust your grooming routine.  Washing and conditioning your beard will be key. Here are a few grooming tips to help you maintain an epic beard during change in seasons.


Scrub away the dead and dry skin on your face that the winter cold has left behind.  This is the root cause of beard dandruff, skin irritation, and ingrown hairs.  Purify the skin with a natural detox. Removing the dead skin will help promote heathier and fuller beard growth.


During the warmer months, your skin will produce more of its natural oil called sebum.  Just because more natural oil is produced, this doesn’t replace good conditioning. Producing more sebum will lead us to the next tip…

Deodorize & Clean

Wearing a mask will cause your beard to be dirty and dry.  The pollen in the air will also add to uncleanliness of your beard. Warm weather can lead to your skin cooling itself (sweat). Warmer weather may also cause more outdoor activity (more sweat). More sweat, more sebum, and the added component of a mask will lead to more impurities in your beard and will cause a strong beard odor. Cleaning your beard more often during warmer weather is key.  You should use a very mild soap or natural that won’t dry out your beard and mild enough you can use daily. Clean your beard more often!

Brush and Comb

This will serve multiple purposes.  One, by bushing and combing more often, you rid your beard of debris and impurities that are more present during outdoor activities and the presences of pollen. Two, combing and brushing more often will stimulate circulation which will produce more hair growth.

Following these tips will help you get your beard ready for warmer weather.  Continue the beard greatness all year, no matter the season


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