Oils, Butters, and Balms

Beard Care Education Tips

The age old question, what's the difference between oils, butters, and balms and how to use them?  This article will provide an answer to this age old question.

Beard Oil:

Beard oils are made of carrier oils. If it is a natural blend, it will use essential oils for the scent.  Carrier oils each have their own unique properties and benefits. Essential oils will also provide added benefits to your beard.  Beard oil is the most utilized and versatile element in your grooming routine.

(See article on “What are we made of” for list of carrier oil and butter benefits.)


Good for condition and moisturizing

Great for any length of beard

Helps relive itching by providing the skin underneath the beard with nourishments and vitamins.


For sensitive skin, essentials may irritate skin; use beard oil that is natural and unscented.


Use daily.


Beard Butter:

Butters made up of a mix of Shea butter, mango butter or some other type of natural butters along with carrier oils to provide nourishment to your beard.  These butters and carrier oils are packed with awesome benefits and properties for a healthy and conditioned beard.   

(See article on “What are we made of” for list of carrier oil and butter benefits.)


Excellent for deep conditioning, moisturizing, and nourishment.

Great for any beard length or fullness.




Can be used daily or periodically with the use of beard oil.

Ex: Use butter every other day while applying beard oil daily.


Beard Balm:

Typically, balms consist of the same base formula as butters.  One major difference is the addition of a good quality wax.  This is usually in the form of bees wax, but some may have some other type of wax.  Balms will provide the same conditioning and benefits of butter, and with the addition of wax, it also provides a holding agent.  The extra hold a balm provides is beneficial to maintain the shape and hold of loose hairs.  Typically, used for mustaches and longer beards.



All the benefits of butters.


Wax can leave your beard hard. Beard needs to be cleaned more often.


Use periodically.  Best use on longer/fuller beards that may be harder to maintain.

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