Winter Beard Care

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The cold bite of winter is harsh on the environment as well as your beard.  Beard maintenance is often over looked during the winter months.  Extra care and proper grooming habits are essential to maintaining not only a healthy beard, but a healthy face.  Here are some tips to keep a healthy beard during the cold months.

Pay attention to the soaps you use

Commercial soaps are full of synthetic ingredients that have damaging affects on the skin. Soaps like Dove and others contain ingredients like sodium cocoyl isethionate (synthetic detergent), sodium tallowate (sodium salt of cow fat) and other emulsifiers and detergents. These ingredients counter act the natural oil produced from the skin and hair. Stripping your hair and face of these natural oils will leave your skin and beard dry and brittle. Even while using a good beard oil, you may still experience a dry and brittle beard along with dandruff. Find a natural soap with natural and organic ingredients.

Application: Use natural and milder soaps. These soaps lack the synthetic ingredients of popular brands but have tremendous benefits for your hair and skin. If possible, wash your beard only a few times a week. 


Use a Conditioner

Beard Oil, Beard Balms, and Beard Butters are key to help your beard battle dandruff, dryness, hair loss, split ends, and brittleness.  The skin underneath is just as important as your epic beard that cover’s it. Keeping the skin and your beard conditioned and moisturized should be the focus on beard grooming and hygiene during the winter months. Butters are a good deep conditioner.  Natural butters are a great skin conditioner and hair moisturizer.  

Application: Find a good beard butter and beard oil. If using one, use more often during the winter. Good tip is to use butters 3 times a week and oils can be used daily. During the winter, change it up so you use the conditioner 2 times a week or can be used daily if needed.  Longer and thicker beards may need oils and butters more often.



Hydration is often over looked by a majority of people. Water is the cornerstone to your body's health. Staying hydrated will promote cardiovascular health, keep your body balanced by flushing out toxins, keep your muscles and joints working, promote healthier skin, promote healthier and shinier hair, and even promote weight loss. Give your skin and hair every advantage to stay healthy and battle the cold, water is a sure bet. 

Application: Drink more water!

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