The Story Behind Our Scents

We spent a lot of time developing our unique scents for our products. Some of the factors are where and when the inspiration happens, time of year, and benefits of essential oils that would be used. How will this scent will benefit the skin, beard, or other application and how the scent will appeal to our customer base. Here is a look at the inspiration of some of our unique scents.

 Black Pepper

This unique scent was inspired in a out door farmers market. There was a section of spices and the most dominant scent was that of fresh black pepper. It was a bold, masculine, unique scent and very identifiable. What better description of a distinguished gentleman. We found some pure natural grade black pepper essential oil. Through some trial, we fine tuned the scent to not be as strong and overpowering, to a soft light unique scent. We added a touch of pine to the base notes to take some of the boldness off of the pepper scent.

Experience Black Pepper Beard Oil

Southern Pine

Every since I migrated to the south, I have experienced a lot of what the south has to offer. From Carolina blue skies, the fall colors in the mountains, and the cool breeze off the Carolina beaches. The crisp scent of  Pine trees fill the air with a strong bold scent. To capture essence of the Carolina outdoors, we created a unique blend of essential oils. Eastern white pine, Long leaf pine, Pitch pine, Short leaf pine, and Virginia pine make the special blend. Steam distilled from pine needles, this is a 100% natural scent that captures the boldness and uniqueness of a true pine scent. 

Experience Southern Pine Beard Oil

Experience Southern Pine Beard Butter

Coffee Bean

One of the warmest and most recognizable scents! This is a seasonal favorite. We wanted to capture the to capture the rejuvenating quality a cup of coffee brings. The warmth and comfort from a fresh pot is desired by many on a cold morning or just to get their day started. A perfect scent for a seasonal beard oil and for coffee lovers.

Coffee Bean Beard Oil

Coffee Bean Beard Butter


Citrus is one of our most popular scents. This scent speaks for itself. The smell of citrus fruits awakens the scenes and rejuvenates the mind and body. This was one of the very first scents in our product line. Inspired by the freshness and very unique and identifiable scent of citrus fruits, the was no question that citrus should be stable in our oil and butter line. Everything that makes citrus unique, we feel makes every man equally unique. Our citrus blends contains notes of orange and lemon with hints of lime and notes of grapefruit.