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Silicone is found in most commercial products like soap, lotion, body wash, make up, shampoo, hair gel, after shave, and even in products like cooking utensils, paint, sealant, brake fluid and insulation.That’s right! Paint, brake fluid, and insulation are made with the same ingredients that you use on your skin and in your hair.

Why does the beauty industry use this ingredient in products that can be absorbed into your skin and coat your hair? It is cheap and it extends the shelf life of products making more profit to the manufacturer. Silicone has no benefit to your hair or beard and can be dangerous if absorbed in your skin. So, why is it used?

Silicone is a polymer that is like plastic or rubber. It can come in a solid, powder and gas. Silicone is also resistant to oxidation and helps prevents the growth of bacteria.

When used in shampoo and other hair products (conditioners, beard oils, gels, and creams), silicone coats your hair trapping in moisture giving it a shiny appearance. However, since silicon is a coating on your hair and repels water, it is extremely hard to clean. A stronger soap is needed to clean it leaving your hair dry and brittle. That same silicone-based product must be applied to keep it looking healthy. Now we are locked into a cleaning cycle that is damaging to your hair and to your skin. The hidden truth is that the more you use, the more damage it causes and the more money we spend trying to keep the cycle going.

Natural and organic ingredients like Shea butter and Mango butter heals damaged hair, attracts, and locks in moisture, and is gentle to clean. There is also some added benefits like vitamins, fatty acids and minerals. Vitamins A, C, and E which are known to stimulate hair growth, improves and heals hair and skin, protects against UV, and locks in moisture naturally. Omega’s 9 and 6 contain hair soften properties, stimulate thicker and longer hair growth, reduce wrinkles, and boost immunity.


These properties and many more are the reason why Shea butter and Mango butter are the staple in most of our products (butters, soaps, aftershave...). There are a host of other benefits, but we just listed a few. We do not sue any silicone in our products! Do we have your attention?This is the truth behind silicone and the secrete big business want to keep hidden. Silicone is a cheap facade and does not do anything for your hair or your skin.

You will not find silicon in any Woodsman Grooming products.

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