What is a Beard Oil?

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The journey to beard-om can be a pleasant one if you have to right tools in place.  One of the most important tools will be the use of a high quality beard oil. So, what is beard oil and how do I use it? Let us answer that in three parts.
First, what is beard oil use for?
Beard oil is used as a moisturizing agent both for the beard itself and also the skin underneath.  During the growth process, the beard and skin can be left untreated and exposed to harsh and chemical filled soaps.  As a result of using these chemicals on a daily basis, the beard hair is robbed of its natural healthy oils and becomes dry, brittle, and hard.  The skin can also become damaged and if not moisturized can become dry, flaky, and irritated.  With thick curly hair, this damaged skin can aid in the formation of ingrown hairs and inflammation (bumps and redness).
This is where quality beard oil comes into play.  Beard oil should contain moisturizing properties that are beneficial to both the hair and the skin.  It should also have some anti-biotic and anti-bacterial properties to help cleanse and detoxify.  This benefit is found when essential oils are added.  Quality beard oil should be easily absorbed into the skin and hair leaving the beard soft, moisturized, and healthy.  
Second, what is beard oil made of?
To get the benefits just listed, let’s take a look of what beard oil consists of.  Usually, natural beard oil consists of Carrier oils and Essential oils.
Carrier Oils are made from the fatty portion of plants either from seeds or nuts.  Carrier oils are used to dilute the concentration of essential oils.  Carrier oils have their own unique and beneficial properties.  This makes up the base of beard oils.  This is where the moisturizing and conditioning properties are found.  Some examples of Carrier oils are: Safflower Seed Oil, Olive Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Grape Seed  Oil, and  Sunflower Seed Oil to name a few (there are dozens, each with their own special properties).
In a future article, we will list all the carrier oils that we use in our products along with their properties and benefits.
Essential Oils are distilled from leaves, bark, roots and other aromatic portions of plants. Essential oils are concentrated and tend to evaporate easily.  Essential oils cannot be applied to the skin in large amounts. Thus, they need to be diluted by Carrier oils.  Essential oils add their unique aromatic, anti-oxidant, and anti-bacterial properties.
With some creativity and ingenuity, we created a clever blend of Carrier oils and Essential oils that will provide some awesome benefits for your beard. We will list all the carrier and essential oils that we use in our products along with their unique properties and benefits.  Stay Tuned! 
And Finally, How do I use Beard Oil?
It is best to use beard oil when your beard is slightly damp and warm.  It is ideal to apply after you shower to a clean face.  Do not apply at bed time as the oil should absorb into your beard and not your pillow or sheets.  This may also cause some irritation if skin/beard comes in constant contact with a non-breathable material for several hours (pillow). Only a small amount is needed.  A one ounce bottle will go a long way.  Place a few drops on hand or beard and massage into beard and skin underneath.  Finish styling with a wooden comb or brush.  Beard Oil can be used daily.

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