When Is The Best Time To Shave

Shave Tips

The best time to shave, rather its in the morning or at night is after a hot shower. Hot water does wonders to the body. Warm water helps increase blood circulation in skin. Warm water opens the pores on the skin. As your pores open, the skin relaxes which gives easier access to the hair follicles. This allows for a closer shave and prevents the likeliness of nicks and cuts to the skin.  Warm water also softens hair. Softer hair means an easier shave and less passes needed by the razor. Less passes by the razor means less skin irritation.

How to get the best shave:

  1. After your face is clean and steamed in the shower, exfoliate your skin with a luffa or exfoliating brush. This will loosen up stubborn hair and prepare skin for shaving. Removing dirt will make for a cleaner shave and less passes with the razor.
  2. Next, apply a pre-shave oil. Pre-shave oil will add a protective layer on your skin and makes the razor pass over the skin easier. A good pre-shave oil will draw moisture into your skin that will help protect against the razor.
  3. Next, lather up with a quality shave cream or shave soap. Opt to go natural as artificial ingredients, dyes, and detergents will dry out skin and cause irritation. Harsh chemicals will also cause hair bumps as hair follicles can become damaged and clogged.
  4. Always shave with the grain. Shaving against the grain will cause irritation, cuts, and beard bumps.  Shaving with a quality razor should only take one or two passes with the grain.  Less passes means less irritation.
  5. Apply a quality, natural aftershave. Natural and organic aftershave will draw extra moisture to your skin. Fatty acids and vitamins will heal and aid in repairing your skin after you shave. Witch Hazel is and astringent that is not as harsh as alcohol but it serves the same purpose.  Witch Hazel effectively cleans with out causing dryness and burning.

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