Is Your Beard Ready for Fall?

Beard Care Education Tips


As fall approaches, it will be important to keep a sound grooming routine as the weather changes. Depending on the weather, more care may be needed to maintain your healthy beard. For some, fall may be the opportune time to start growing a beard and start healthy grooming habits. For others, the fall may bring challenges for maintaining a healthy beard. Here are some tips for the fall beard care.

Conditioning & Hydration

This may be one of the most over looked tips in all of beard care.  Keeping your beard conditioned during the fall will aid in the dreaded beard dandruff and beard itch. The skin underneath your beard my not get the conditioning and hydration it needs. Dry skin can lead to dandruff, itchiness, ingrown hairs, and will also lead to a dry and brittle beard. Keeping your beard hydrated will leave your beard soft, healthy and free from dandruff and will also protect against breakage. If you are starting your beard journey, conditioning your beard will help with the itch of new growth. A good beard oil or beard butter are made to handle that task.

A Good Wash

Washing your beard may be tricky for some but this is a very important element in a good grooming routine. Many have experienced that washing your beard leaves your beard dry and brittle. That’s because you’re not using the proper soap. Regular face soap contains harsher chemicals, while good for a clean face, will strip your beard of its natural oils. Using a soap that is made specifically for beards will aid in removing bacteria and cleaning your beard while at the same time aid in moisturizing and conditioning your skin and beard. 

The frequency in which you wash your beard must also be taken in account. A good routine should involve washing your beard once a week. Some may require washing more often due to exposure and time spent the elements. If washing more frequently is needed a high-quality beard soap that won’t strip away oils and nutrients will be extremely important. We suggest using this beard soap.

Your beard needs food

A healthy beard, just like anything else, will require nutrients to grow. Hair follicles along with other elements of they body require vitamins and minerals. The best and easiest way to achieve this is to have a balanced diet. Foods rich in fatty acids, proteins, and healthy fats, omega 3’s, and vitamin C. You can also take supplements that contain these vitamins as well as Vitamin E, Inositol, Biotin (vitamin B7), and Niacin (vitamin B3).  These nutrients will help develop natural testosterone levels, promote healthy and new hair growth, as well as promote stronger hair growth.

Wear A Mask!

If you live in a place where its mandated or just taking extra precaution Wearing a mask will help protect you and your family. A mask will not damage your beard. Follow the steps above and your beard will be as healthy as ever. Dedicate a little extra time to give your beard some TLC. Do not neglect your beard during these times. Even though your beard may be covered, it still needs attention and care. This is also a good time to let your beard grow out and allow it to reach it's potential. 

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