8 Things That Destroy Your Beard

Beard Care Education Tips

Here are 8 things that may be destroying your beard.

#1. Using regular shampoo or soap

Your beard has different needs and should be treated differently than your scalp. Normal hair shampoo and regular soap have harsh ingredients like detergents, sulfates, alcohol, and dyes. These ingredients could cause skin irritation which can lead to dandruff, beard itch, and even bumps. Beard breakage and brittleness, and even hair loss. Beard wash or Beard soaps are designed to be used on your bead.

#2. Using plastic combs, metal combs, or regular hair brushes

Metal and plastic when made contain small but sharp edges which will cause breakage. Metal and plastics will also draw moisture away from your beard as well as removing the beard oil your trying to apply. Hair brushes with plastic bristles will have the same effect on your beard. Wooden combs, picks and boar hair brushes should only be used.

#3. Not using beard oil and or beard butter

This is a given. Your beard needs to be conditioned, moisturized, and protected. Beard Oils, Beard Butters, and even some Beard Balms do just that. Conditioning the skin underneath and locking in moisture are key to a healthy beard. Good Beard Oils also contains vitamins and fatty acids that give your beard vital nutrients. Oils and butters should be used often.

#4. Not eating right

A healthy diet is too often overlooked. Your body must be fed to operate correctly, this includes your beard! To optimize your beard potential, your body must operate correctly, and your body’s chemistry must all function correctly. Your hair follicles, blood flow, and testosterone levels will depend on what its being fed.

#5. Washing your beard too often

Washing your beard too often, even using beard wash or beard soap will to more harm to your beard.  Your beard is delicate and must be treated with care. Washing too often will cause dryness and brittleness. A good routine is to wash your beard once a week depending on your needs and exposure to elements.

#6. Stroking your beard (too often)

This one is hard to avoid! Touching your well-groomed mane while deep in though or just because can be a good thing. Too much of a good thing, however, will cause breakage and introduce germs, fungus, and bacteria from your hands into your beard.

#7. Incorrect trimming

Cutting too much off or starting an incorrect neck line or check line will destroy your beard. You should to a barber or stylist to get your beard trimmed properly. During that time between visits, you should follow what has already been given. Good communication between your barber is a must! He doesn’t have a clear picture of what you expect. So, having a good dialog, even bringing a picture will help you get the most out of your beard.

#8. Giving up too soon

Growing a beard takes time. It’s a process and a journey. Enjoy it! Your beard is unique to you. It will take time, patience, and care to reach your beards full potential.

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