Too Much of A Good Thing

Beard Care Education Tips

Too much of any thing can be a bad thing. Too much water, too much food can cause some serious issues. This is also the case when applying beard oil, beard butter or beard balm.  Applying too much beard oil can lead to an oily mess on your beard.  Too much beard butter or balm will leave you beard botched in globs can also lead to skin irritation.

The function of Beard Oil is to hydrate and moisturize your beard.  Beard Oil lacks the fatty acids and conditioning agents found in butters and some balms. Beard Oil will keep the skin underneath your beard moisturized. Some beard oils contain specific natural oils that will also help promote hair growth. While helping the skin, it will also strengthen hair follicles and make your beard soft and have a healthy shine.  Too much oil can lead to skin irritation, bumps, and an oily beard.

                How To: Only a small amount is needed. The thicker your beard, obviously, the more oil is needed. A few drops (5-10) on a modest beard should be plenty. Beard oil should be applied to a slightly damp beard.

The function of Beard Butter and Beard Balm is to condition and moisturize your beard.  Butters and some balms contain natural butters (Shea, Mango, or Coco) that are packed with fatty acids and many other conditioning properties and nutrients.  Butters are be designed to give your skin and beard the conditioning it needs.  Balms will contain wax and are designed to give your beard some form and hold. Too much butter will cause skin irritation, bumps, and hair loss.  Too much balm will lead to dry, brittle beard, skin irritation and bumps.

                How To: A dime size amount is all that’s needed. Again, the thicker the beard, obviously, the more butter or balm may be needed. Butters should be applied to a slightly damp bard. Balms should be applied to a clean dry beard.  Less balm is needed as it is a styling agent.

The added benefit of Beard Oil’s, Butter’s, and Balm’s are the scent they may be offered in.  These scents (if natural) come from essential oils. If not natural, the scents are alcohol based. Beard Oil, Beard Balm, and Beard Butter should not be used as a cologne.  The mistake of applying too much only to enhance the scent of your beard is a costly mistake.  Remember, a little goes a long way! The goal of these products is to have healthy skin and a healthy beard.

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